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 Joey Gilmore   

2016 Respect The Blues on Mosher St. Records

2015 Brandon's Blues (CD))(Label)Mosher Street 

2008 Joey Gilmore: Bluesman (Bl-oose-man) (CD)(Label) Emancipation Media

2005 The Ghosts of Mississippi Meet The Gods Of Africa (CD)(Label)Bluzpik     

2003 Miami Sound 67-74 (CD)(Label)Tone Distributors

1995 Just Call Me Joey (CD)(Label)Ichiban/Wilbe   

1993 Can't Kill Nothing (CD)(Label)Ichiban

1989 So Good to Bad (LP/Cassette/CD)(Label)Pandisc   

1976 Girl Your Best Friend Done Took Your Place / Blind Man (Single)

1975 It's My Own Fault / Got It Together (Single)

1971 Somebody Done Took My Baby And Gone / Do It To Me One More Time  (Single)